May/June 2020 Newsletter

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Friends Of Gedling Station
May / June 2020 Registered Charity : 522200

To the New Bi-Monthly Newsletter of the “Friends of Gedling Station”.
We are a small group of volunteers, whose sole aim is to regenerate this Victorian Station
Building, and create a space which can offer something for all ages.
We aim to keep you up to date on what is going on at the Station – and make sure that
you know exactly what we are doing, how you might be able to help, and hopefully – create
a Youth Centre & Community Hub that adds value to this area.
To find out more – visit our website; or visit our Facebook
page; “Friends of Gedling Station”

Right now, we are all restricted in what we can do, and where we can go, as a result of
the Covid-19 Emergency.
Once the restrictions are released… We are committed to make this facility
operational by Summer 2021.

What does that mean ?
Well, we are hoping to have our brilliant Gym area available for local events, sports and
possibly children’s parties…..
We aim to create a space to reflect the local heritage of Gedling – including the Colliery,
Railway and other aspects of local History.
We also aim to make our refurbished meeting room available for local Groups to hold
meetings and events….from Coffee Mornings to Craft Fairs and lots more…….
We also have a sizeable car park, on which we may hold local fetes fairs and meetings to
reflect the local community.

What are we about?
The Gedling Youth Club Management Committee & Trustees, a registered charity 522200, whose
sole aim is to regenerate this old Victorian Station Building (1876) & Gym into a Young Persons &
Community Hub, serving Community groups of all ages within the area of benefit in the Gedling &
district area..
What have we done?
The initial objective of regenerating the building and surrounds is well under way. Maintenance,
redecoration and updating of facilities is progressing well, with a clear objective of being
“Open for Business” by Summer 2021.

What are our Aims?
We currently have 6 clear Objectives

  1. Refurbish and Redecorate all areas of the building.
  2. Update and Upgrade the electrics and plumbing throughout the building.
  3. Clear and upgrade the condition of the Car Park area – with the aim of this area being available for the local Community – for example local Fairs, Shows and Events in 2021.
  4. Make the large rooms within the building (including the large Gymnasium) available for local
    groups and community events in 2021.
  5. Create a “Gedling Community Heritage” resource, to display, celebrate and promote all
    aspects of local heritage and history.
  6. To be fully operational to support the proposed “Heritage Way” that is included in Gedling
    borough councils heritage strategy, which will pass alongside the platform edge – linking the green open spaces at Willow Park the Cricket Field on Burton Rd as well as Gedling Country Park, Gedling Village, Carlton & Netherfield.

Friends Of Gedling Station
May / June 2020 Registered Charity : 522200

Can You Help ?
Once the Emergency Restrictions are eased – could you help us?
We are a small group of volunteers – with many tasks to resolve in the regeneration of the Station.
Some of these will require skills / tradesmen – (Electricians / Builders / Roofers / Plumbers /
Joiners etc, etc) – if you have these skills and would like to help us – Please get in Touch!
If you are a handyman, or simply want to “lend a hand” – BRILLIANT! There are lots of tasks that
simply require a little time and effort – your help will be greatly appreciated!
IF you can help – simply drop us an e-mail to
we will get back to you, and be in touch once we can start work again. In return – We can offer
coffee/tea and biscuits – and a warm welcome!

We would Welcome Your Ideas!
We have outlined our Aims and Objectives – and given a few ideas of the kind of things that WE
think that the local Community would want from us……but we would really like to hear your ideas…..
Please take a few minutes to let us have your thoughts and feedback – to the following
What would you like to see happen at the Station?
What kind of events or facilities would you like to see?
What function do you think that the Station could fulfil for the area?
Any other thoughts or comments about the Station and what it could offer to Gedling?
Please email your thoughts to
Thank You!

Fund raising
We are a registered Charity – every single penny that we raise goes back into the regeneration,
maintenance and upkeep of this Victorian Building.
Therefore any events and activity at the station is completely focussed upon those aims.
Any donations and contributions are always welcomed – but we have recently joined – which allows you to help the Gedling Station Regeneration project without
having to donate to us directly.
If you shop online,using sites like Amazon or
e-bay, or retailers such as Argos or John Lewis,
then it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Register, using your email or Facebook account.

Add the donation reminder. (If a Donation is available at the retailer site you are using, a
donation reminder will notify you that you can support our cause.)
Thats it!
Now, next time you are shopping at one of the over 4000 supported retailers, you will see a
message asking if you would like to activate a donation.
Now shop as normal and the Gedling Youth Club & Community Hub will receive a donation from the
Easyfundraising is easy to use, costs you nothing, but helps our project greatly.
Please take a look – every penny donated helps us serve the community!
Thanks for taking the time to read this – we look
forward to hearing from you – and hopefully
seeing you very Soon!

May / June in Days Gone By……..
May 1900; Nottingham Victoria Station officially opens
June 1953 Carlton Le Willows Grammar School opens

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