Meet & Greet Sunday 9th March 11am to 1pm at Gedling Youth Club & Station.

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Welcome to all the volunteers & any new ones joining us to get to know what we are all about. On show will be reminders from the pre-school days and railway memorabilia. + tea/coffee & biscuits. Station tours available as well as seeing the platform side, after reading a risk assessment. All welcome

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  1. Jamie Huckerby
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    Hi ya I used to come here as a teenager with friends to our youth club nights and it was Brill glad we had somewhere to go and be safe. I might have a cooker I can donate if you need one obviously it is a used one but seems a shame to throw it away . Let me know.

  2. Andy Owens
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    Hi Jamie,
    Apologies for the delay in replying – I’ve just taken over maintenance of the website, and spotted a bunch of comments that haven’t been touched, including this one. I assume you no longer have the cooker, but just in case, is it leccy or gas? We have no gas to the station at the moment (due to neglect, the gas pipe corroded, leaked and had to be completely removed, and given the state of the building we have no plans to reconnect gas to the kitchen). On the off chance you do still have it and its electric, let us know,

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