Newsletter #1 – Summer 2019

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Gedling Youth Club Committee and its Trustees, owners of Gedling’s former Great Northern Railway station on Shearing Hill, have been hard at work planning the exciting future of this lovely old building.

So far, a lot of time has been spent attending to all the necessary administrative work in order to start to restore and regenerate the building. Over the course of several years we intend to transform this lovely old former branch line station at the heart of our village into a resilient, diverse and vibrant space which will be of huge benefit to local people of all ages within our communities.

Key meetings have been held with Gedling Borough Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund in order to move the project forward. We are constantly looking for volunteers to come and join in the fun. Our meetings are always open to the public and will be well advertised within the local community and on social media.

Our 6 outline objectives for ‘Year One’ June 2019 – June 2020 are:

  1. Address safety issues and conduct risk assessments
  2. Maintain the site with voluntary help working alongside other local groups
  3. Continue to develop a strong volunteer base
  4. Create a safe and practical Committee Meeting Room
  5. Continue fundraising
  6. Implement required surveys.

Project Phase 1

An application is being made to the Heritage Lottery for a ‘Resilient Heritage Fund Grant’ to assist with phase one of the project. This will provide funds to conduct all the required site surveys, prepare architectural plans and drawings and conduct vital Options Appraisal work and Community Engagement so local people can offer their views and aspirations for the whole site.

Training & Skills

One of the main aims of this project will be to provide skills and training for local people of all age groups, especially young people, which we believe will greatly enhance their lives.

People living close to the station might have noticed that working parties from the local community have already been actively involved in the early stages of the project working at weekends in conjunction alongside local councillors and participating in Gedling Borough Council initiatives

As a result of these working arties the building and site is beginning to look a lot better than it has done for many years and the clean-up operation will continue to take place.

Please come and join us – it’s great fun!

Serving The Community

We aim to develop this historic building into a resilient and diverse space which we believe will enhance people’s lives within the community in many different ways.

Our forthcoming Options Appraisal work within the community will identify relevant ‘output options’ which we believe will fully satisfy the community as a whole. Please let us know what you would like us to include as part of the final outcome.

This exciting project is your project, it belongs to everyone within the community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to assist in developing and expanding this exciting Community led project.

Please become part of it and together we can contribute towards Gedling Village becoming a stronger and more resilient community.

The Heritage Way

Within this exciting community project, we aim to fully embrace and promote educational themes historically important to Gedling Village such as its rich mining and railway heritage to create a living piece of social heritage alongside an innovative and much needed community resource.

Gedling Station is a building of substantial local heritage value and should be preserved as an integral part of the proposed ‘Heritage Way’ (See Gedling Plan) which will take the form of a heritage footpath and cycle route through Gedling Village and beyond.

The Heritage Way would follow the former GNR track bed on which the old station is located, thus linking it to Netherfield main line railway station and Netherfield Lagoons in one direction, whilst also providing a through route to the new Chase Farm housing development and Gedling Country Park and on towards Lambley dumbles.

The old station has already been highlighted on plans released by Gedling Borough Council and we see it as becoming an integral part of the new ‘Heritage Way’.


A key aim of the Old Station regeneration Project is to link arms with local community organisations and schools sharing best practice and working collaboratively. Links have already been forged with Gedling Village Local History and Preservation Society, Friends of Gedling Station and Nottingham Railways Remembered.

Vital outreach and educational work has also been conducted at Carlton Le Willows Academy and Carlton Library. Please look out for our outreach initiatives which will be staged in the near future and will be well advertised in the local area.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your group wishes to become an integral part of the project. This is all about local communities and community involvement.

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