Gedling Station Regeneration

A number of community groups have come together to work on ambitious plans to convert a former railway station building in Gedling village into a youth centre and community hub.

The Gedling Youth Club Management Committee, Gedling Village Preservation Society and Friends of Gedling Station have revealed new plans, which have been brought to life by Nottingham-based architect Simon Middlecote.

The Plan

We hope to fully restore the old station building on Shearing Hill to its former glory and also renovate the grounds, adding much needed community space for a multitude of uses by various age groups and activities.

We are currently seeking backing from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Nottinghamshire County Council’s Local Improvement Scheme to help fund this new venture.

The Chairman of the Gedling Youth Club Management Committee, Francis Rodrigues, said, “There was huge public support to save the former youth club and station from residential development and the three local groups coming together reflect that support.”

Constitution Update

We have recently reviewed our constitution document, and have updated the current version from 1967, to the version linked below. This is based on the model document from the Charity Commission, which defines how the charity is operated and administered; changes bring us up-to-date with current charity legislation, define some of the processes and constraints in more detail than before, and align with the current charity name and objects as agreed with the Charity Commission.

NOTE: The document is best viewed by downloading and opening the file in Microsoft Word. The content can be viewed in other apps, but formatting may not be ideal.